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The cake soft cake, soft taste okay, so soft cake cake is how to do it? The study Xiaobian to share the cake on the cake soft approach, I hope to help you!

Cake cake cake
Cake cake ingredients ready
Cake soft cake steps
Cake soft cake steps 1
1 prepare ingredients.
Cake soft cake steps 2
2 times adding sugar sent protein.
Cake soft cake steps 3
3.3 perfect proteins were successfully distributed to the 9. Another protein cannot be passed.
Cake soft cake steps 4
4 add the protein that is not sent to the protein, then sift into the low gluten flour.
Cake soft cake steps 5
5 mix well with a rubber spatula in an irregular direction.
Cake soft cake steps 6
6 the batter poured into the pan with oil absorbing paper.
Cake soft cake steps 7
7 preheat the oven, up and down fire 170 degrees, the middle grill for about 10 minutes.
Cake soft cake steps 8
8 remove the cake.
Cake soft cake steps 9
9 take advantage of the heat will be torn paper.
Cake soft cake steps 10
10 cut the cake into strips.
Cake soft cake tips
Want to pass the protein, which can not have water or egg yolk, or the protein can not be sent oh!
Classification of cake according to embryo
1, sponge cake (SpongeCake)
The main use of eggs into the air, after baking to make the air heated expansion and the cake. This kind of cake can not be filled with oil, so it is called the soft cake, is the first cake. Room temperature: winter can be saved for 3 days, the summer can be saved for 1 days.
2, Chiffon Cake (ChiffonCake)
Chiffon Cake is a foam type cake batter and improved integrated into the. When the production of protein, egg yolk must be separated, respectively, and finally mixed. The organization of the most loose, more water and light taste is not greasy, very popular. On the market are mostly used. This cake Pizi: at room temperature can be kept for 3 days in winter, summer can be kept for 1 days. The best cold storage.
3, Boudin cake
Is mainly used for butter, sugar, egg and milk as the main raw material with all kinds of accessories, a European style cake made by refrigerated or baked. Cold storage in summer, winter without refrigeration can save 3-5 days
4, mousse cake
It is made of gelatin and cheese, and it can be eaten without baking. Is the representative of today's advanced cake. Cold storage in summer, winter without refrigeration can save 3-5 days
5, Angel Cake (AngelFood Cake)
Belongs to the foam type cake, with no fat composition of protein, not greasy and flexible, very refreshing, refreshing the product is white, as if Angel food, so called "Angel Food Cake". Because it does not contain fat and cholesterol, especially for those who are afraid of fat or cardiovascular disease. It's a healthy snack. Room temperature: winter can be saved for 3 days, the summer can be saved for 1 days
6, cheese cake (CheeseCake)
It is made of a large quantity of cheese. The cake is representative of senior, is also a favorite. The market price is very expensive. Cold storage at low temperature



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