how to make Sandwich with old-fashioned cake


Play baking for so many years, has not been Chiffon Cake mad, I have to do Sponge Cake wince. Can not do the sponge cake ideal state, simply do not bother to do it. Later, my friend told me that I could try to sponge the eggs and beat the eggs

The main egg 4 100g low sugar powder 180g accessories 60ml olive oil salt and a little amount of honey red bean
1 prepare ingredients
2 separate the protein from the yolk.
3 protein will add a little salt into fish eye after times adding sugar.
4 hit to the dry foam protein, picked up the state can whisk the tail showing stand
5 add egg yolk to the protein.
6 mention the egg beater to continue to play two minutes or so, to mention the egg machine is not easy to delete the word of the state of 8.
7 times into the low gluten flour
8 gently draw J type mix well, avoid over mixing to make flour gluten.
9 take 60 grams of olive oil mixed with a little egg paste.
10 pour the egg mixture into the egg bowl.
11 gently mix well.
12 were poured into the mold of the 1/2, and then sprinkled with honey beans. The egg paste this status should be able to support a honey red bean.
13 and then squeeze the remaining egg paste on the honey beans. (I began to pour the batter a bit excessive, resulting in not a few egg cover)
14 preheat oven 180 degrees, medium and low, about 30 minutes.
15 the United States and the United States enjoy it!



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