how to make Mango Mousse


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Mango mousse:

1 ready to Oreo debris 70g, butter 30g, cream cheese 120g, mango 500g, powder 10g, sugar 35g, light cream 100g, QQ sugar 46g, after the mango will be cleaned in advance after the skin is divided into three
2 then the Oreo debris into the zipper bag, and then rolling pin roll pieces, then put the butter in the microwave oven heating after half a minute, and butter together into the mold inside
3 after mixing evenly, put into the refrigerator, and then mix the cream cheese evenly, add sugar and stir well
4 cold boiled water into the powder, mix well, the mango mud into the cream cheese paste, stir well, the powder mixed with water
5 and then light cream sent to 6 minutes, and then poured into the cheese paste in the mixing of the thick, and then put the mango cubes in the mousse paste gently stir, pour into the mold inside the
6 into the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, QQ sugar into the bowl, pour cold water, water heating, while heating side of the continuous stirring, after the air dry into the mold
7 and then put into the refrigerator for at least an hour, the cup on the following, and then the hair dryer blowing around the mold, gently pull on the mold, and then separated into the plate, with mango embellishment can be.



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