how to make Cake roll

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The taste of the cake volume is extremely good, the practice is also simple, then the cake volume is how to do it? Next to learn the small series to share the practice of the volume of the cake, I hope to help you!

Finished cake roll
Cake rolls
The steps of the cake roll
The practice of cake roll step 1
1 all the materials ready, place the flour and sugar sift together
The practice of cake roll step 2
2 egg yolk separation
The practice of cake roll step 3
3 with a whisk to kill the protein, three times the sugar, sent to mention the protein into a straight triangle
The practice of cake roll step 4
4 egg yolk with a spatula scattered after putting oil and water to mix well
The practice of cake roll step 5
5 add the sifted powdered sugar on the flour, stirring (not clockwise or mixing back and forth, so as to avoid bars)
The practice of cake roll step 6
6 add up to 1/3 protein and mix evenly
The practice of cake roll step 7
7 add the rest of the protein to mix evenly, so it becomes a cake
The practice of cake roll step 8
8 baking trays with oil, pour evenly into the cake batter, spatula smooth, shock bubbles. Into the oven, 165 degrees 20 minutes,
The practice of cake roll step 9
9 baked a few times after the same shock
The practice of cake roll step 10
10 down on the baking hot tear paper online.
The practice of cake roll step 11
11 when not completely cold rolled up, room temperature or refrigerator for 20 minutes
The practice of cake roll step 12
12 segmentation
Cake volume tips
1 baked cake roll hot torn paper.
The 2 is not hot when you can roll up, completely cooling roll easily.
Cake benefits
1, get visual and taste satisfaction
The cake was originally used as a way to celebrate birthdays. People attach great importance to the birth of a life, therefore, as a birthday cake food is extremely pay attention to the appearance of. Like a birthday cake, the cake will be made into a variety of lovely beautiful shape. Children usually like to watch cartoons, so we put in the cartoon animation image to make the cake, when children see their favorite cartoon characters so Wei Miao Wei Qiao to appear in front of you, will be very happy very excited. When you eat the cake, not only to meet your visual nerve, but also greatly satisfy the taste of your system, making delicious fragrance.
2, enhance the good desire
The cake is usually eaten as a snack, rather than as a meal, three meals a day so eat cakes are generally within the will of the people, it will greatly increase your desire for a better life. With the cake, wonderful every day.
3, rich nutrition
Nutrition is an important part of food. The type of cake, taste in the continuous renovation, but the nutrition of the cake is not reduced. Cake is a protein rich eggs as raw materials, through the separation of egg white and egg yolk, and then add a certain allocation, baked, rich in protein content. Usually, the cake will be accompanied by a number of fruits together, rich in fruit, to supplement the human body needs a variety of vitamins, beneficial to health.
4, convenient and quick
The appearance of the cake is also convenient for people's breakfast time. Because the cake ingredients are generally eggs, flour, butter, with a certain amount of energy, as a breakfast that has a certain amount of nutrition, but also to support the energy needed to work in the morning.
5, relieve pressure
Scientific research has shown that eating sweet things can ease people's physical tension, if you feel very anxious, you can eat some cake to make yourself happy oh!



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