how to make 8 inch Mousse Cake


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Chiffon Cake is a foam type cake batter and improved integrated into the. When the production of protein, egg yolk must be separated, respectively, and finally mixed. The following is a small series of 8 inch mousse cake for everyone to practice, we want to help!

8 inch mousse cake material
8 inch mousse cake production steps
Mousse Cake (8 inch) practice step 1
1 add milk, sugar
Mousse Cake (8 inch) practice step 2
2 heat the water and stir until the sugar is dissolved, and then add in the cold before the opening of the soft pad of the film.... Soak the gelatine in cold water and ice in the fridge
Mousse Cake (8 inch) practice step 3
3 then add the egg yolk and stir evenly (still need to water heating), and then filter 2 times two
Mousse Cake (8 inch) practice step 4
4 can be filtered away from the fire, without water heating, and then add the rum mix (if the choice of jam, jam and rum 80g this time can be added together.)
Mousse Cake (8 inch) practice step 5
5 add the whipped cream (cream in advance and store in the fridge).... Remember: butter must be added at normal temperature!!
Mousse Cake (8 inch) practice step 6
6.. Quickly mix well into the mold
Mousse Cake (8 inch) practice step 7
7 sealed with plastic wrap, under seal, as well as around the seal, and then stored in the refrigerator for 2 hours....
Mousse Cake (8 inch) practice step 8
8 for 2 hours... Remove plastic wrap with fruit paste, smooth to the mirror shape can be completed (also to put some fruit to decorate the Kazakhstan)
Mousse Cake (8 inch) practice step 9
9 simple bar
The significance of cake
1, Te Rami Sue cake meaning is "take me away"
One of Te Rami Sue's literal meanings
Tiramisu, Italian, meaning "please bring me". Legend has it that in the era of the invasion of Italy, there is a pair of lovers, married soon, the husband will soon be on the battlefield. The day before the evening, the wife is very careful to do a new snack, put all the feelings into them, and named it Tiramisu. do not know later her husband has with his wife together, it is important that with my sadness, pain to enjoy such exquisite the food, suddenly heard his wife said, "its name is Tiramisu, what is the mood.
2, chocolate almond cake is sweet greetings
Savor, first of all, you will taste the delicious milk chocolate cake with the outer layer of the sweet almond taste on the tongue is slowly melting, then crushed almonds in cake with your taste, and with little cocoa aroma release, perfect and delicate keep in the mouth.
3, cheese cake is the meaning of "sweet love".
Birthday, become a "fragile" moment of birth, is the best time for everyone to celebrate every year. Play the leading role, whether male or female, old or less, birthday cake is always a happy birthday.
Simple confession, hide the "freshness" of love is very simple: the ordinary appearance, there are. For a variety of styles of cake, couples not only creating the seductive, fresh weight and more, and have different nutritional benefits to the world of warm love into them.
4 orange cake is waiting"
The cake is sweet, the cake is a happy cake is also happy, different cakes, representing a different mood and meaning. Love, wedding, birthday, in such an important moment in life, of course, with close friends or lovers, and even colleagues to share, become the memory of life unforgettable moments together.



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